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MOH has uncovered some of the shocking truths that lie behind the key equipment protecting us and our front line heroes.

Mask Our Heroes was founded to bring PPE to the frontline and we won't stop; hospices, care homes, charities and hospitals are still asking for our help so please support us to keep them safe.

Read the shocking full report HERE

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What they think about us


Lee Alderman-Davis, Global Product and Development Director at Ligentia

We are delighted to play a role in such a worthy and inspired initiative. Given the time-critical nature of PPE, our focus is to find the fastest solutions that will ensure the goods are delivered to the frontline as quickly as possible.

Charlene Aldridge

Hope this helps and I’ll donate more where I can. Wanna thank our fantastic NHS for the amazing work they have and continue to do in the fight against corona virus x

Vicky Ramasamy

I'm so very sorry for your loss Matthew and extremely grateful to you and your team for stepping up to equip our precious NHS frontline workers with adequate PPE.

Caroline & Russel Shear

Such a wonderful cause in memory of such a wonderful man. We will miss that sparkle in his eye, wonderful stories and the fun and energy he always brought when he was around.

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£119,658 raised to date


70,000 masks Donated


£143,958 raised to date


151,000 PPE items donated




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